Pregnancy Bed Pillows to Help You Sleep Better

You have always been able to fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow. No restless squirming or tossing about in your bed. However, as you progress well into your pregnancy you may find increasing trouble in sleeping well. Practicing to sleep on your left provides some relief. You may consider using a number of your usual pillows between your legs and behind your back to make you feel more comfortable. However, ordinary pillows tend to move out of place as you shift your position in the night. This is called pillow herding. You will find yourself having to get up once again to adjust your pillows to get a good night's sleep.

Pregnancy bed pillows in India

Pregnancy bed pillows are available in the market to make your sleep during pregnancy a relaxed one. You can find pregnancy bed pillows at MotherCare in Shoppers Stop. Some other stores that deal with maternity outfits also maintain a stock of pregnancy bed pillows. You can buy pregnancy pillows online at Cherish.

Some different kinds of pregnancy bed pillows are:

  • Simple pillows

    This is a pair of usual pillows that you have been always using. They are used to support your back and stomach.

  • Full length pillows

    This is a single long pillow that supports your back, stomach and knees.

  • Bean shaped pillows

    As the name indicates, this pillow is curled up in the shape of a bean. It supports your stomach and knees.

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