Pregnancy Tests and Test Kits in India

Pregnancy tests work by detecting the amount of HCG ( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in either the woman's urine or blood sample. The levels of this hormone rise after the embryo has been implanted in the womb, which occurs about 6-12 days after fertilization.
These hormones are usually formed within 10 days after conception. So, if the home pregnancy test is performed about the time the woman misses her first period, detection through this method will be possible.

You can perform the urine test in the privacy of your home using a pregnancy test kit(available at your local medical store). Follow the illustrations and instructions on the strip carefully to get the most accurate results. You will get the results almost instantly within a couple of minutes. The results are generally accurate but can generate false negatives for a variety of reasons.

Some reasons why this test indicate negative results are:

  • You may not be pregnant.
  • You used it too early or soon after you missed your period before the hCG hormones are formed.
  • You have ovulated at a date later than you expected.
  • Your hCG levels are really low.

Pregnancy Blood Test

A blood test measures the levels of hCG in your blood instead of urine. They can measure lesser hormone levels in the blood and can be used to detect pregnancy earlier than urine tests. This test is usually done about six to eight days after ovulation. However, these tests cannot be done at home. You may have to get your doctor's help in doing these tests and draw blood into a test tube through a needle. They are more sensitive than urine tests.

Blood tests measures the hCG hormones both qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitative testing determines whether hCG hormone is present. They are done about 10 days after you miss your period. Quantitative testing determines how much hCG is present. They help to identify tubular pregnancy, pseudo pregnancy or to monitor you after a miscarriage.

Home Pregnancy Test Kits in India

Most Home Pregnancy test kits work by detecting the amount of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in the woman's urine. The accuracy of the test depends on how it is performed, so read the instructions carefully before performing the test.

There are many products for this in the Indian market -

  • Velocit by Dr. Reddy's
  • PregColor Card
  • ClearView
  • Cadila's Acutest
  • Akon Kit

If the test is negative, redo the test after 72 hours as you may have done the test too early in pregnancy. If the test is positive, visit your doctor to get the test confirmed and for your first consultation.

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