Problems in Socialization

Social skills refers to the art of interacting with others. In the case of babies, these interactions are mainly with parents and in older children the interaction is with parents, their peers etc.

If babies (8-16 months old) find it difficult to develop an attachment to their parents or to their favourite toys, it could be a sign of them having problems in socialization. In older children, lack of social skills could cause rejection by peers. In some cases these children could choose to keep themselves aloof and show resistance and negativism in joining others.

All of these traits can be very upsetting for parents. Avoidance of physical contact, delay in language development etc. can also be a sign of autism. If you suspect that your baby has neurological or psycho-social problems, get her evaluated by a paediatrician trained in developmental disorders.

Video on Helping Children with Autism

Other developmental issues for concern

Children who are aloof and withdrawn may need to be shown extra attention and caring. In addition, children whose reactions are out of proportion to an event can be of concern as well. They may have a temper tantrum under the smallest provocation. Other symptoms could be hysterical laughter, weeping and periods of depressed behaviour without a good reason for it.

Children with ADHD and learning disabilities may need extra help in developing social skills. The Impulsivity and the short frustration tolerance level of an ADHD child can lead to poor peer relationships. Children with poor attention and concentration fail to tune in to the social cues in their environment and thus don't learn social skills through experience. Children with learning disabilities may have difficulty processing information from the social environment or have difficulty with self-expression.

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