Field Trips

Field trips can introduce children to lots of meaningful concepts such as farming, industries and jobs. Field trips provide hands on learning experience.

Benefits of Field Trips

  • Field trips give children a welcome break from the usual routine by giving them something new to look forward to.
  • Field trips also help children in their studies as they can see for themselves what they are being taught.
  • Children learn through their experiences and field trips can serve as the basis for their introduction to scientific concepts.
  • Field trips can also enhance language development in children, increase their alertness levels, develop fun and humour, and improves understanding about their environment.

Places of Interest for Field Trips

Some places of interest for field trips in day to day surroundings include visits to a:

  • Park
  • Farm
  • Railway station
  • Airport
  • Central bus stand
  • Flower garden
  • Dairy
  • Aquarium
  • Bakery
  • Fire station
  • Post office
  • Factory
  • Laundry
  • River bed or stream
  • Pottery unit
  • Temple
  • Dam
  • Hill station
  • Zoo
  • Musical events
  • Photo studio
  • Super market
  • Bank

Tips for Planning Field Trips

  • Start preparing for the field trip well in advance.
  • Learn as much as you can about the place you are planning to visit. Check if the place is safe for the children to visit.
  • Arrange for a vehicle that has valid documents and ensure that the driver has a valid driving license for the kind of vehicle he is entrusted with.
  • Make the children wear name tags. This helps to identify the children in a crowd. If the children have a uniform for the preschool, ask them to wear the uniform.
  • Get written consent from the child's parents that they are ready to send their child for the field trip. You can send them an itinerary of the field trip to instill a sense of assurance in them.
  • State rules and regulations positively to the children so that they understand what is expected of them at the place they visit.
  • If a child appears anxious or afraid of doing something, do not force him to do it. Accept his feelings as they are. For example if he is afraid to touch something, let him first observe someone else touch the object. This may give him some confidence.
  • Ensure that a first-aid kit is kept ready for use in case of any unexpected mishaps. Also, keep a cell phone handy.
  • Before the field trip takes place, talk to the children about what they are likely to encounter at the trip.
  • Display photographs or videos of the place that the children will be visiting so that they have a clearer understanding of what to expect at the venue.
  • Plan ahead and make necessary arrangements for the children's meals during the field trip.
  • Do not try to rush children through the field trip. Allow them to observe at their own pace. A hurried trip may not help the child learn anything.
  • Maintain a head count of the children periodically who have come for the trip. Young children love to wander around. A head count can help in preventing this.
  • Have a reasonable number of responsible adults to accompany for the trip. It will be easier for each adult to deal with a small group of children rather than a single adult taking care of all the children.
  • When showing children various objects or happenings during the field trip, sing a song or tell her a story about what she saw. This helps to add to the learning experience.
  • Take pictures or videos of the field trip and show them to the children later. Encourage them to talk about the field trip.
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